Eating Disorder Support Group Scottsdale Cave Creek Fountain Hills Carefree Arizona
Eating Disorder Support Group Scottsdale Cave Creek Fountain Hills Carefree Arizona
Eating Disorder Support Group Scottsdale Cave Creek Fountain Hills Carefree Arizona
Eating Disorder Support Group Scottsdale Cave Creek Fountain Hills Carefree Arizona

$65/Group or $240/4 Weeks (Save $20)

“HELP ME EAT” is a weekly group co-facilitated by Jane Schlueter, RDN and Winter Groeschl, MC, LAC. At Sinnergy Wellness Group everything we do is grounded in our philosophy that nutrition restoration must be the FIRST step in the recovery process. The emotional challenges and struggles that come up when we begin to restore can make following a Nutrition RX feel like an uphill battle. In this group, participants will be supported simultaneously from both the nutrition and mental health side of recovery. We will provide tools, support, and a place to process this very understandably difficult time that we wholeheartedly believe will be the foundation of life long recovery.

*Check out the              and  please be sure to read through the Group Agreements before registering.

Eating Disorder Support Group | Sinnergy

Group Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an adolescent group?

We would love to do an adolescent group as well. If you or someone you know are interested please let us know by completing the interest form. As soon as we have at least 5 or 6 adolescents we will let you know and open registration.

Do I have to attend group every week?

Yes! By registering for group you are committing to it ongoing for at least 8 weeks initially. It's important in a group like this to have consistency and group trust is built and relied on. If the group changes week to week it will be very difficult to accomplish this. With that said, of course life happens and we totally get that. For more on missing groups and attendance expectations please read through the group agreements

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Each group is $65 or you can purchase a group package of 4 for $240, which is a savings of $5/group!

Are there any in person groups?

Initially this is a virtual only group over zoom and we definitly plan to add more groups both in person and virtual.

Can I use insurance?

We are private pay only. If you have out of network benefits for group therapy we can provide a superbill for potential reimbursements. If you aren't sure, call your insurance company and ask about your out of network benefits for CPT Billing Code 90853.

How many people are in the group?

The group will ideally have no less than 4-5 participants and no more than 10.

Where is the group being held?

Currently this group is a virtual/telehealth only group. We do plan to add in person options in time. Once registered you will be sent the zoom link to join the group.

Do I have to be a current client of Sinnergy Wellness Group?

No, all are welcome to join this group. If you are working with a therapist or dietitian elsewhere and want to sign a release we will be more than happy to communicate with them on your behalf.

How do I register or sign up for group?

If you are ready to sign up simply click on any of the 'Register Now' gold buttons on the groups page of our website. You will then select if you want to pay for just one group or buy a package of 4 to take advantage of the discount. Next, you will select the date you want to start group, add billing/personal info, and you are done! You will be auto registered for all groups following the start date you select. Please see attendance policy on how to communicate missing a group or ending your participation.

Why do I have to pay upfront for group?

The only group we require upfront payment for is the initial group to be sure your spot is saved. Your card will be kept on file in Healthie, our HIPAA Compliant and secure client portal, and will be charged the night of group or every 4 groups depending on the billing option you selected. If you have any specific questions regarding billing or have a custom billing request please send a message to Jessica, Practice Manager in Healthie or contact the office.

Meet The Facilitators

Jane Schlueter, RDN eating disorder dietitian therapist Scottsdale Cave Creek Carefree Fountain Hills Arizona



Registered Dietitian &

Medical Nutrition Therapist

Winter Groeschl, eating disorder counselor therapist Scottsdale Cave Creek Carefree Fountain Hills Arizona




Adolescent/Teen Group

Let us know if you are interested in an Adolescent/Teen Group and once we have enough interest we will open registration and you will be the first to know!

Sinnergy Wellness Group Adolescent Group

Family/Loved Ones Support Group

For family/loved ones of a Sinnergy Wellness Group client, this is a virtual support group to help you learn how to best support your loved one with an eating disorder.

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