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I  provide a comprehensive nutrition status and risk for decline assessment in order to help determine the safety and individualized treatment needs of your high risk eating disorder clients.

Through the years it has become very apparent that the key to successful treatment of an eating disorder is a dedicated, communicative, and experienced multi-disciplinary treatment team. With our combined nutritional, medical, and psychological expertise we are a powerful force against these diseases. My goal is to empower our mutual clients with the tools they need to learn how to eat, rather than obsess over what not to eat. It has been my experience that the mental and emotional capacity to accomplish this begins with nutrition restoration and ends with sustainable habits that support them in maintaining status; only then do our clients have the fuel they need to process the difficult emotions that accompany this healing life change.

My approach is most commonly implemented in inpatient treatment centers, and for many suffering, inpatient may not be the best choice. The growing demand in our field and the technological advancements being made in virtual telehealth present a modern solution, virtual intensive outpatient treatment. My extensive experience providing medical nutrition therapy at every level of care, including specialized skills in addressing re-feeding syndrome, makes me uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive nutrition status and risk  for decline assessment in order to help determine the safety and individualized treatment needs of your high risk clients.

I offer my clients the option to see me in a traditional office setting in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as virtually through a HIPAA Secure and PCI-Compliant telehealth platform. I utilize Healthie © electronic medical record system and pride myself on sharing timely and detailed appointment notes to the medical and mental health colleagues I work with, as well as progress updates via encrypted email or fax. Whether you are seeking a dietitian to develop a team treatment plan with or are looking for a professional consult to support your clients' nutritional needs, I have the knowledge and resources to help you.

Comprehensive Nutrition Status &

Risk Assessment For All New Patients

Eating Disorder Nutrition assessment
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