Group FAQ's

Group Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where are the groups held?

All groups are located in Kristine's Scottsdale office located at 8010 East Morgan Trail, Suite 12, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Can I come to a group before I commit to membership to see if I like it?

Of course! The individual group rate is $60 and we highly encourage you to come check it out first.

My schedule changes every week, is there flexibility with missing groups?

Yes and No...although more yes than no! :) Group continuity is essential to the group process especially when discussing sensitive information, which is par for the course with eating disorders. People are more likely to engage and share with others and ask questions when they can build relationships with each other and this is difficult if every week there are different faces to the group. The commitment to be at every group is extremely important. With limited seats per group, attendance is mandatory. When things come up and it is communicated ahead of time we will mark it as excused and delay your auto renewal by one week so you do not loose out. If a group is missed and not communicated prior there will be no make ups or refunds.

How many people are in each group?

Currently the group is capped at no more than 10 people. Once a group hits 10 people, anyone interested will be added to a waitlist and encouraged to participate in the virtual workshop series until a seat becomes available.

Can I participate virtually if I can't get there on time or am out of town?

Yes, absolutely! With that said, it is expected for all group members to be in person each week. The opportunity to participate remotely from time to time is a privaledge for regular group members and can be revoked if taken advantage of.

Is there an incentive offered if I refer a friend?

Of course! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE referrals! If anyone you refer becomes a member of one of the groups in Scottsdale you will get 1 free group! *Current clients of Kristine Sinner, MS, RDN who are not a member of group can still refer people and earn free groups to be used at their convenience.

Can I get a refund if something comes up or I don't like the group?

All group memberships are non-refundable. The nature of the membership is to take advantage of a discounted rate and confirmed seat each week. For your convenience, your membership will auto-renew every 6 groups. You may cancel the auto-renew anytime by contacting the office manager in writing (email, sms, or healthie chat message preferably). Please note, there are no refunds once a renewal has processed. Any cancellations received in the midst of a renewal will process with the next expected auto-renewal date.

How do you know what the topic for each group will be?

Topics for in person groups are not announced ahead of time due to the subjective nature of the unique needs of each group and its members. There is a loose cirriculum that Kristine follows and a list of topic examples can be found by clicking here. *Virtual workshop series will have a specific topic and will be listed under each scheduled event.

How do I register to join a group?

2 ways to join and both are quick and easy! 1. CALL 928-487-1272 2. Go to and then select the group you want to join by hoovering over it and clicking 'Join Now'. This will take you to the payment page. Once you have completed payment you will recieve a welcome email with a link to create a password and fill out a few forms.

Parents & Loved Ones

What is the parent & loved ones group?

While the topics are the same, the discussions are quite different. There has never really been a group dedicated soley to body image and nutrition education for those who love and suport someone with an eating disorder. If you've found yourself saying the wrong thing when thinking it was right and unaware of exactly what made it wrong in the first place only to wonder why is it even about right or wrong, then this is a group for you. When parents & loved ones learn and can discuss the same topics with other people who are loving and supporting someone with an ED, true magic can occur and the result will only help your loved one recovery that much faster.

Why would I want to learn what my loved one is learning?

When the loved ones of someone with an eating disorder take an active role in the recovery process, recovery can happen that much sooner and be stronger for it. What hapens so often is the person with the eating disorder does all the learning and growing only to go home and be triggered by the same behaviors or nutritional myths that fed the disorder for so long. While this is not intentional, the effects can undo the hard work done in therapy. Loved ones who participate in this group are able to engage and connect so much deeper. They are able to do more and support stronger.

Do I have to have a loved one with an eating disorder to participate in the parents & loved ones group?

All are welcome, peding space availability. Priority will go to loved ones of current clients, although you do not have to have a loved one in nutrition therapy currently to join.

Do you offer discounts if my loved one is in the client group?

Absolutely! As long as your loved one has a current and active membership in one of the client groups, you will recieve 10% off memberships for the parent & loved ones group when paying up front for 6 groups.

Adolescent & Teen Client Group

My child is almost 18, should she be in the adult group?

Perhaps. This will be a unique case so give us a call and we will figure out which group will make the most sense.

How old does an adolescent have to be to participate in group?

Ideally 13 and up, although it can be quite subjective. Give us a call and we will figure out what will work best for all.

Adult Client Group

Virtual Workshop Series

What is the difference between the virtual workshop and the groups?

The groups are held in person in Scottsdale and require a 6 week commitment and subject to a small intake assessment if not a current client, while the workshops are independent events done 100% virtually through Zoom and require no ongoing commitment or registration.