Bulimia Treatment

In Scottsdale, AZ

In severe cases, bulimia can abruptly diminish your body’s nutritional stores, leaving you medically compromised.

Right now you might feel depressed, anxious, guilty, impulsive, or maybe even hopeless. When your nutritional imbalances are corrected and you begin to treat your bulimia, these feelings will quickly start to change. Medical nutrition therapy with a CEDRD is a specific form of treatment for bulimia nervosa that will assist you in breaking the cycles of this deadly disorder. There are many health consequences for someone who has been engaging in bulimic behaviors such as vomiting, laxative abuse, and excessive exercise. Some of the most severe consequences are electrolyte imbalances, irregular heart rate, tooth decay from self induced vomiting, and irreversible damage to the esophagus. One of our areas of expertise is in treating the most medically compromised. We will work with you, and if needed personally monitor your intake, to be sure you are receiving the sufficient number of calories, vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients, and hydration you need to get better.

Anxiety and depression will often increase exponentially depending on the degree of your current  status. The good news is that this can be resolved as you stop your eating disorder behaviors and begin nutrition restoration along with therapy. The goal will be to normalize your eating patterns and restore your brain function. We understand the overwhelming urges to overeat that you experience and the need to find compensatory behaviors is a ritualistic pattern that can completely take over your thoughts, your emotions, and eventually your life. We will always be compassionate and empathetic to your needs while paying close attention to restoring your nutritional and mental health. The process of nutritional rehabilitation will  involve eating sufficient food at regular intervals and learning how to listen and respond to the internal cues your body provides. Reestablishing intuitive eating patterns will allow you to finally recover from your eating disorder.

Providing care to Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills and remotely through Virtual EDRD.